Best Defending Gear

Lynx: Best Defensive Gear

First off you should focus on getting your Invader Knowledge up so you can attack level 5 & 6 invaders for the better material they drop. Understand that there are different levels of quality materials and gear in this game. Simple, Usual, Unusual, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The higher level invaders drop better material which will let you get your gear faster.

You need to combine your material in the Forge to make higher quality. Combining 4 of the same quality of material will create 1 of the next higher quality. Example: combining 4 rare eastern steel pieces will make 1 Epic eastern steel piece. your goal is to make legendary gear which offer the best quality.

Remember to add Gems and Runes to your hero equipment and increase your total attack strength

Lynx Hero Gear

  • Helmet:  Fur Hood – Troop Defense During Defense 24%
  • Armor: Lynx Hide  – Troop Defense During Defense 24%
  • Weapon: Serrated Blade – Troop Defense During Defense 24%
  • Boots: Stealthy Boots – Troop Defense During Defense 24%
  • Amulet: Lynx’s Fang (2) – Troop Defense During Defense 24%

* This will give you 144% extra defensive strength, be sure to add defense gems and runes to each in order to achieve the maximin defense possible on your gear. This is based on using legendary items.

Defense & Health Gems
Add these legendary Gems to each of your gear (6) as they will add an extra 10% – 12% each per gem per slot

  • Tourmaline: Total Defense – Attack Avarin, Barbarian, Cave Lion, Celt, Hounds, Saracen, Royal Guardsman
  • Ruby: Total Health – Attack Pict, Canis, Gascon, Khazar, Lynx, Hounds, Hun, Northen Vulture, Serpent

You have 1 slot left to add a gem, we would recommend you choose one of these….

  • Cavalry Defense: Onyx – Attack Gepid
  • Cavalry Heath: Almandine – Attack Longobard
  • Killer Defense: Pyrope – Attack Avarin
  • Killer Health: Rose Quartz – Attack Pict
  • Melee Defense: Smoky Quartz – Attack Avarin
  • Melee Health: Spessartine – Attack Pict
  • Ranged Defense: Aventurine – Attack Longobard
  • Range Health: Corundum – Attack Gepid
  • Scout Defense: Morganite – Attack Longobard
  • Scout Health: Zircon – Attack Avarin
  • Siege Defense: Rubellite – Attack Pict
  • Siege Health: Carnelian– Attack Gepid
Lynx Hero Set