In Vikings War of Clans gems are used to enhance power on hero and shaman gear. Each gear has space for three gems and 1 rune giving additional power or speed. You can obtain gems from attacking invaders & ubers, farming and also buying them in the clan store and also the items store.

You need to fuse your gems to make higher level gems that have better quality. Combining 4 of the same quality of gems will create 1 of the next higher quality. Example: combining 4 simple gems will make 1 usual gem. your goal is to make legendary gems which offer the best quality.

Note: you will get better quality gems by attacking higher level invaders (level 1 invaders are the low quality gems while level 6 and ubers will give higher quality gems.

Gem Values
  • Simple: 1%
  • Usual: 2%
  • Unusual 4%
  • Rare: 6%
  • Epic 8%
  • Legendary: 10%

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GEMS: Where to find

Agate – Celt
Almandine – Longobard
Amber – Canis, Khazar
Amethyst – Man-Eater, Huns
Aquamarine – Pict
Aventurine – Longobard
Beryl – Barbarian, Huns, Cave Lion
Carnelian – Gepid
Corundum – Gepid
Emerald – Canis, Khazar, Hounds, Huns
Euclase – Gepid
Garnet – Lynx, Serpent, Longobard
Indicolite – Longobard
Jacinth – Man-Eater, Hounds
Jasper – Man-Eater, Hounds
Lazurite – Barbarian, Cave Lion
Morganite – Longobard

Onyx – Gepid
Opal – Barbarian, Cave Lion
Peridot – Barbarian, Canis, Man-Eater, Khazar, Cave Lion
Pyrope – Avarin
Rhonodite – Huns, Celt
Rose Quartz – Pict
Rubellite – Pict
Ruby – Canis, Khazar, Hounds, Huns
Sapphire – Barbarian, Man-Eater
Smoky Quartz – Avarin
Spessartine – Pict
Spinel – Canis, Khazar, Hounds
Taffeite – Avarin
Tourmaline – Barbarian
Topaz – Barbarian, Hounds, Cave Lion
Zircon – Avarin

GEMS: What they do

Cavalry Offense – Opal
killer Offense – Jacinth
Melee Offense – Rhonodite
Range Offense – Spinel
Scout Offense – Garnet
Seige Offense – Agate
Total Offense – Taaffeite

Cavalry Defense – Onyx
killer Defence – Pyrope
Melee Defense – Smoky Quartz
Range Defense – Aventurine
Scout Defense – Morganite
Seige Defense – Rubellite
Total Defense – Tourmaline