A Tile is the place you farm for resources and there are different kinds and levels of tiles. Food, Lumber, Stone, Silver and Gold tiles.

  • Farmlands – Food
  • Lumberjack’s Shed – Lumber
  • Hewers’ Camp – Silver
  • Iron Deposits – Iron

There’s 7 tile levels 1 – 7 with 7 tiles only appearing when you win a kingdom event which we will cover later. The higher level of tile, the more resources it has and the faster you can farm it.

Tile Hitting – This is when you attack a tile that is already occupied by another player. Tile hitting is looked down upon in your home kingdom and considered a cheap shot. There are reasons to tile hit and that will be up to your clan to decide.

Tiles: Tips & Tricks

  • You can send 1 scout to a occupied tile to see what troops are there farming. When farming a tile, no scouts can be sent so this means you can sent just 1 scout and it will always win and give you a report.
  • Farming higher level tiles will give you more resources faster
  • You should only be farming with T1 troops and send only 10,000 or less if you have a chance of being tile hit
  • Splitting your troops up and sending to more then 1 tile will let you farm quicker